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The Akina KiND Program for Veterinarians

KiND ReCheck ReminderTM for Better OutcomesAkina_KiNd_logo

Akina ReCheck Reminder is a simple but powerful tool that helps you increase foot traffic through your practive and retention rates that lead to better outcomes for patients.

  • Increase contact with pet parents
  • Build relationships–and retention rates–through loyalty and trust
  • Endorse preventive care and support comprehensive medical evaluations
  • Advocate pet parent education and promote active engagement 
  • Improve time and cost efficiency

Akina ReCheck Reminder is fast and easy!

  1. Select a date for the recheck
  2. Input the pet parent email addesss
  3. We will do the rest! 

KiND Charities

Akina Animal Health has partnered with nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the lives of animals and those who care for them. Receive updates and track progress through your personal KiND account!

A portion of every order will be donated to our partners in charity.

  • Morris Animal FoundationEstablished in 1948, MAF has been a proponent of animal health and nutrition since its founding.
  • World Vets. International Aid for Animals. World Vets’ mission includes providing disaster relief worldwide and providing veterinary aid in developing countries.
  • Freedom Service Dogs of America. FSD is a nonprofit that rescues dogs and provides them with specialty training to ultimately aid people with disabilities  

KiND Learning Center for News You Can Really Use

Your days are busy and your schedule is packed. That’s why Akina Animal Health makes it so easy to get the information you need to succeed. From Webinars to easy access to Akina Animal Health’s team of pharmacists and specialists, we’re here to serve you.

  • Webinars on relevant topics such as early disease detection, veterinary clinic best practices and industry trends
  • Access to drug monographs
  • Videos and articles on the latest industry news and happenings